Below is a detailed list of all the coaching services we offer along with a brief description of each service!

Virtual classes and workshops

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Self-Care and Mobility Coaching

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  • Private 1:1 Sessions – In person or virtual, you will receive customized programming to address problem areas with self-care and manual therapy, and corrective exercises to re-program movement patterns. This program includes:
    • Postural Analysis

    • Movement Assessment:

      • Controlled Articulation of Rotational movements (CARS) to note restrictions
      • Movement analysis: muscle strength testing to determine imbalances, injuries, or restrictive movements and compensation patterns.
    • Self-Care techniques and Manual Therapy
      • Impove the health of your soft tissue, increase range of motion and circulation, breakup adhesions, reduce fascial restrictions, increase flexibility
    • Corrective exercises and Mobility training
      • Functional Range condition (FRC) – move more efficiently with dynamic movements and improved joint health
    • Foundational Nutrition and Supplements
    • Personal Growth/Mindset – Deepen understanding of self and mindfulness, lifestyle and stress management