What to expect in a session

Not everyone gets regular massages, below is a list of things to expect during a session with Intuitive Hands!


– NEW CLIENTS – Please click here to download client intake form to print, fill out, and bring with you to your first appointment.

– There will be a consultation about what area needs to be addressed, what areas to be avoided, depth of preferred pressure, and any issues of concern.


– Therapist will leave the room and you will undress to your comfort. This may be the removal of all clothing, or just down to undergarments. You will be covered at all times and only the area being massaged will be uncovered.

– As discussed in consultation, you may start face up or face down under the sheets, and may be directed to flip sides as needed for your customized session.

– There will be an application of oil, lotion, cream or gel; possibly essential oils for further relaxation.

– Therapist will start out with techniques to warm up the muscle tissue to prep before working into the deeper layers.  The depth of pressure will only be within the your realm of comfort.

– There may be the use of heat for improved circulation and warming of tissue.


– Some light stretching is recommended to help recreate the muscle memory in its new lengthened state (may be incorporated into session).

– There may be some tenderness or soreness within 48 hours depending on the focus of the work and how much time was spent in certain areas. Your body will be readjusting as a result of the work received. Please make a note of how your body responded.

– Application of cold pack will help to reduce soreness; alternation between hot and cold will improve the flushing of toxins.

– Depending on how your body responds to massage, you may or may not feel lightheaded, nausea, or headaches as a kickback result of the massage. Just understand that toxins have been released into your bloodstream and that may be the side effect. Be sure to drink a lot of water to help flush out all the toxins as well as reducing/eliminating muscle soreness.